BoatShed Area Around the middle of year 2000 after years of neglect, Emerald Lake Park was in poor shape. The garden areas in particular were overgrown and unsightly. The then Kiosk operator and park manager recruited a number of local people and word went out that a friends group was planned for the park.

Our Friends group was formed late in 2000 from about 40 interested people from Emerald who love our community owned park and wished to see its well known values restored enhanced and preserved, for everyone to visit, utilise and enjoy.

our famous footbridge

Our park has had a long history since the gold rush days and its development as a showplace for many exotic trees grown by the Nobelius nursery.   Its heritage is linked with that of Puffing Billy and the pioneering economy of Emerald.   Since its opening to the public as a park it has been developed as a place of recreation with a unique mix of native and exotic flora.

The locals and school children had long used the park as a swimming area.   Families from Melbourne remember picnicking and relaxing in the beautifull and enchanting environment.   Today they continue to visit along with Interstate and International patrons that have since discovered its beauty and still enjoy its calming peacefullness.

Cherry Blossom The unique balance of Ornamental and Indigenous Flora, is largely due to this heritage.   To become a public park, the Treganowan syndicate urged its purchase by the State Government and continued with the help of local people to develop the lake and park environment.   It was opened in 1941 by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sir Frank Beaurepaire "for the people of Melbourne!" and soon became the most popular picnic venu.

The park Kiosk, once the most popular Kiosk in Melbourne is still the most frequented of facilities in the park.   While the walking tracks are very popular with the exercising, jogging and dog walking locals.